I'm a Research Scientist at the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago. I'm trained as a generative linguist, with specialization in formal semantics and psycholinguistics. These days I spend most of my time doing quantitative data analysis and modeling for research groups in a range of social science fields.

I did my PhD in linguistics at NYU (2009-14) with Chris Barker, and then a postdoc at the University of Chicago (2014-16) with Chris Kennedy and Ming Xiang. During grad school, I also worked with Liina Pylkkanen on the neural correlates of adjective-noun modification using MEG (LCN paper).

The other stuff section contains occassional ramblings, technical tutorials, ideas for studies, methodological quibbles/observations, tips on pitfalls to avoid when learning how to code, miscellaneous thoughts, etc. Some posts are works in progress. Just starting it up mid-2017, so probably will still be sparse if you're looking at it and this sentence is still here.

You can find papers, handouts, and my dissertation over on the research page. The teaching page has some potentially useful resources, especially if you're going to teach an undergrad psycholinguistics course anytime soon, or if you want some introductory materials on using R for scientific computing. Also here's a short version of my cv.

NORC-ARC Brownie Bag schedule is here.