I'm a Research Scientist in the Academic Research Centers at NORC at the University of Chicago (National Opinion Research Center). I'm trained as a generative linguist, with specialization in formal semantics and psycholinguistics. These days I spend most of my time modeling survey and experimental data, building custom data processing pipelines, and thinking about how to extract useful information from large bodies of unstructured text. Here is my resume (see full CV for publication details, etc.).

I did my PhD in linguistics at NYU (2009-14) with Chris Barker, and then a postdoc at the University of Chicago (2014-16) with Chris Kennedy and Ming Xiang. During grad school, I also worked with Liina Pylkkanen on the neural correlates of adjective-noun modification using MEG.

Published papers, active manuscripts, and materials from conference presentations are in the research section. The teaching section has the course materials for some recent classes I've taught. The other stuff section is a lounge where miscellaneous ramblings and sketches of ideas hang out, in various stages of development. Mostly stuff that is quite far from growing into a proper research paper, anytime soon at least. Topics vary quite a bit. If you see something you've been thinking about thinking more about, drop me a line and maybe we can work on it together.

NORC-ARC Brownie Bag schedule is here.